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Turn customer feedback into actionable insights

The fastest and most reliable way for finding deep insights
in NPS®, CSAT, user research surveys and chat logs

AI text analytics and visualizations that can be trusted

Get deep customer insights

An unbiased and quantified view into what matters most to your customers, through in-depth analysis

Find actionable insights fast

Identify specific recurrent and emerging themes, that are easily understood and meaningful for your business

Use powerful and reliable AI

Our algorithm finds themes using natural language processing and deep machine learning

Get the big picture to guide your strategy

We provide a strategic and global view of your customer needs to influence change in your business

“We know, without question, that Thematic is the best in class.”

Nick Stroud, Director of Brand Loyalty, ManpowerGroup

Hear why one of our clients, Nick Stroud at ManpowerGroup, loves working with Thematic.

Want to learn how to get deep insights out of free-text responses?

Read our white paper “Analysis of Net Promoter Score Verbatims” now.

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“We have found Thematic to be the most effective and sustainable approach. We can validate changes in customer perception immediately and quantify their importance.”

Troy Stanton

Troy Stanton

GM Consumer Insights at Sky TV

“Thematic gives us a quick overview of emerging themes and helps us find trends related to changes in our NPS score.”

Aaron Eddington

Aaron Eddington

Support Manager at Serato

“We have successfully employed Thematic for some of our major clients with outstanding results. Their layered approach is particularly flexible and the team at Thematic is a pleasure to work with.”

Brian Potter

Brian Potter

Data Scientist at Infotools

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