Analytical features

Our analytical features have been created and tested on millions of pieces of customer feedback. They make it easy to distill meaning from what customers say and provide insights into what customers do.

Key Feature
What it Does
Why it Matters
Thematic Analysis
Discovery of general and specific emerging themes in free-text feedback, and applying one or more themes to each feedback piece
Themes must emerge organically from what customers are saying to ensure insight is as detailed and as actionable as possible
Sentiment Analysis
Finding feedback that carry positive and negative sentiment
Emotionally charged themes are more likely to trigger positive and negative word of mouth
Analytical Tools
Discovery tools that compare themes volume, theme’s score and impact on those scores, as well as how these change over time and how they compare between segments of data.
Ability to answer questions like: Why did our scores drop this month? Why are our California customers churning 4x faster than Texas customers? What is driving higher spend?
Themes Editor
Ability to combine your unique knowledge with powerful AI to suit your company’s unique needs using a simple drag and drop UI.
Ensures relevant, accurate and specific insights
Translating feedback into English prior to the analysis
Unified view of customer needs regardless of their language

Reporting Features

Our reporting features will make sure your company is customer-centric by directing relevant insights to the right people.

Key Feature
What it Does
Why it Matters
Personalized dashboards and reports
Personalized information and widgets for each department, team and mid-level managers providing a quick overview for anyone of what customers are saying, not just an analyst
Every team at your company plays a role in your customer experience. Our dashboards help each person understand their impact on customers
Email reporting and notification
Ability to sign up for latest changes in what’s happening in customer feedback, delivered to the mail box
Keeping the voice of customer on people’s mind and making sure people
Closing the loop workflows
Creation of workflows based on what customers are saying, not just their scores
Triggering actions ensures change
PowerPoint export
Easy export of all charts and widgets into PowerPoint slides using company’s own templates
Better chance of driving change when insights are presented in accessible way
Data import/export and integrations
Thematic API, SFTP, InMoment, AskNicely, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Medallia, Salesforce and many other ways of pulling data into Thematic
Aggregate insights in one place to get a single picture

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