About Us

Curious about Thematic?

We’re Thematic. Our mission is to empower brands to understand and delight their customers through deep insights.

Thematic is a fast-growing, global SaaS company. Our solution allows businesses to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, through analyzing customer feedback. We have big-name customers in 6 countries who love what we do. Our solution is reliable, and it works.

We use leading technology, with world-class AI algorithms, to get the results our clients are after — but our people will always be what makes us stand out.

We’ve recently completed YCombinator, the most exclusive startup accelerator in the world, which has produced the likes of AirBnB and Dropbox. And, we’re the only company to have signed YCombinator itself as a customer.

We understand your challenge

Our founders are Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg. Alyona has a PhD in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning and worked with Google, Microsoft and Cisco. Nathan was previously Chief Architect at Serato, a leading software solution for DJs with millions of paid users.

Through first-hand experience, we understand the challenge that a lot of businesses today are facing. Collecting tons of customer feedback through NPS with no one to analyze the responses. Is this your company? This is a huge missed opportunity. Your customers are telling you what’s wrong and what they want — but nobody is listening.

Our clients rave about what we do. Some of them are Vodafone, Air New Zealand, Stripe, Ableton and Manpower Group.

Come join us at Thematic, our head office is based in beautiful Takapuna, Auckland. See our job openings here.

“I’m really excited to work with cutting edge technology and to do so in service of a genuinely useful goal – helping people understand large volumes of feedback so they can improve their own products.”

Nigel Warren

Nigel Warren

User Experience at Thematic, Ex-Kickstarter

“Thematic has a positive atmosphere, great tools and provides the chance to be a part of an energetic, successful company.”

Alexandra Doulai

Alexandra Doulai

R&D at Thematic, ex-Orion Health

Contact details

San Francisco, US +1 650 218 6903  •  Austin, US +1 510 209 8073  •  Auckland, NZ +64 9 889 1511