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Our Pricing and Turnaround

You can choose between these three simple options depending on how often you ask your customers for feedback. We charge a flat fee per survey or per month. And, we can handle any volume of customer comments.

One off

A one-off fee for insights from a single survey or dataset. For example, a yearly Relational Net Promoter Score survey, or customer feedback on a specific product or service.


A monthly fee that covers insights from one continuous survey run each day, week, month or quarter. For example, transactional Net Promoter Score.


A monthly fee that covers insights from different surveys related to a single brand. For example, Customer Effort, Net Promoter Score and Employee Engagement surveys.

We have optimized our turnaround time so that you can get insights from your customers faster:

  • instant / real-time for daily updates to existing surveys
  • 1h for weekly or monthly updates to existing surveys and discovery of emerging themes
  • 24h for setup and configuration of a new survey and discovery of key themes and their subthemes

Case Study: Insights Thematic found in a Continuous NPS survey

Over the years we’ve tried different solutions, both manual and automated, to deal with hundreds of comments Sky receives on a weekly basis. We have found Thematic to be the most effective and sustainable approach. We can validate changes in customer perception immediately and quantify their importance.

Troy Stanton

Troy Stanton

GM Consumer Insights at Sky TV