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Stories from companies using Thematic

Here are our featured case studies on how Thematic is used by Customer Insights teams around the world.

Case Study 1. Sky TV: Understand your subscribers

4A TV network provider receives thousands of customer answers to NPS open-ends each month. Using Thematic, they were able to find answers to key business questions:

  • Which themes in customer feedback impact the NPS score?
  • What’s the impact of a price increase on Customer Experience?
  • How important are wins and losses of content rights?

Case Study 2. Student satisfaction at a Swiss business school

When a famous Swiss business school asked their students for areas of improvement, they expected to see answers about class sizes and work load. By using Thematic, they also uncovered some surprising and clearly actionable insights:

  • What really matters to their local and international students?
  • What things can they easily fix to improve their student’s experience?

Partner Case study 3: Text Analytics for Market Research

2Market research is undergoing a rapid technological change:

  • Significantly more surveys are conducted
  • Surveys are becoming shorter
  • Open-ends containing the key insights.

Market researchers are drowning in text and Infotools, an international market research technology company, decided to find the right tool to automate survey coding.