Thematic | Customer Feedback Analysis Solution

Thematic | Customer Feedback Analysis Solution

Understand Customer Feedback and Act Fast

Thematic is a great example of constant evolution in text analytics. I believe they have achieved a breakthrough in the identification of multi-word topics and concept groups. The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin. They can find surprising insights in customer feedback that no other software could identify!

Maurice FitzGerald

Maurice FitzGerald

Former Head of CX at Hewlett Packard

Thematic is a powerful Customer Insight solution

Understand customer priorities

Turn answers to open-ended questions into an unbiased and quantified view about what matters to customers. Drill down into customer segments.

Find actionable insights fast

Cut through the noise and get an in-depth understanding of specific themes in customer feedback using interactive visualizations.

Tell your customer story

Create reports with clear visuals that use real data to convey your story. Easily share a static or an interactive view of customer feedback with your team.

Get the big picture

Get a global view of what matters to customers across all channels, regardless of what language they speak. Survey more customers to get reliable answers.

How Thematic Works

Download our latest white paper

Read our white paper on automated NPS verbatim coding: Reliable and Scalable Analysis of Net Promoter Score Verbatims

Why choose Thematic

1. Emerging Themes

Capturing emerging themes in customer feedback is just one of the ways of how Thematic will tell you what you don’t already know about your business. Learn more about Thematic’s features.

2. Proven Accuracy

We’ve tested Thematic against groups of human coders on the same data and have proven its accuracy and consistency. Read our accuracy studies.

3. Minimal Effort

Simply provide raw people’s comments and Thematic will show recurrent themes. No dictionaries, simply a clever application of the latest AI. Understand how we differ from competitors.

Trusted by the most innovative customer insights professionals

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Over the years we’ve tried different solutions, both manual and automated, to deal with hundreds of comments Sky receives on a weekly basis. We have found Thematic to be the most effective and sustainable approach. We can validate changes in customer perception immediately and quantify their importance.

Troy Stanton

Troy Stanton

GM Consumer Insights at Sky TV

Dealing with customer comments individually is time-consuming and doesn’t provide an accurate overall picture. Thematic gives us a quick overview of emerging themes and helps us find trends related to changes in our NPS score.

Aaron Eddington

Aaron Eddington

Support Manager at Serato

We have been using the Thematic for the past 6 months to process and analyse market research text responses. We have successfully employed Thematic for some of our major clients with outstanding results. Their layered approach is particularly flexible and has provided the ability to tune and customise the output to meet business needs. The team at Thematic is a pleasure to work with, always helpful, responsive to feedback and questions, and professional in their dealings.

Brian Potter

Brian Potter

Data Scientist at Infotools

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